Lighthouse is a Christian church in South Beach, Florida. Our mission is simple, yet God-sized:  To make Jesus known & loved in South Beach!  We desire to be a true “point of light” in a community often portrayed on television and the silver screen as a dark place of “vice” and decadence. No doubt, South Beach is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it might sound surprising that such a bright and beautiful place would experience so many life challenging problems.  Lighthouse is not about “cursing the darkness” that sometimes appears in SoBe; but rather, we are seeking to light a positive beacon that radiates Christ’s life-changing love in our city.  This, we believe, happens best by our intentional acts of kindness.

This was championed by our Lord Jesus Himself, when He challenged His followers to be the “light of the world” by doing “good works.” We have sought to build a holistic ministry where residents and tourists alike could find God’s love and healing.  Since our inception, Lighthouse has sought to meet the holistic needs of individuals and families in our city.

As such, Lighthouse has served over 5000 meals to our neighbors in need. We have provided Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care, and many other Support Group ministries. Lighthouse has hosted free mobile dental services, sponsored children of prison inmates, and hosted the State Attorney’s Restoration of Rights and South Florida Workforce’s mobile outreach events.

Lighthouse Church was founded by in 2004 by Rev. Wendell Fisher, who saw the vision for a new church on South Beach when he moved here from New York City in 1999.