communitypic3bigOur Vision:  A world-class redemptive community of Christ-followers! “World-class” implies excellence and international impact; “redemptive” refers to the positive, life-transforming rescue operation that God is up to in this world; “Community” speaks to the value of the single individual member multiplied exponentially by spirit-born togetherness; and, “Christ-followers” describes our hero and the passion of our quest!

communitychurchjrWe encourage not only meeting together in celebratory Sunday worship and fun social events, but in weekly small groups as well. We feel relationships happen during fun and meaningful times of playing & serving together.The “family” that prays and plays together…stays together! We are passionate about forming supportive relationships with one another and our city.
MAILIf you are interested in connecting with others in a small group for Bible study, prayer, or supportive friendships, please call to find out the latest small group times and locations.  Likewise, if you are interested in hosting a small group in your home or at a local establishment, we would love to hear from you!  305.281.8094